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Use of e-resources

This system is reserved to Kyutech members (professors, students, etc.) please use it within the campus.
Read the "Terms and Conditions" and adhere to the rules of e-journal's website before using their services.

Please pay attention to the copyrights and the terms of usage. The following actions are prohibited and may result in the suspension of the service.
  • Downloading an entire issue of a journal or a large amount of data in a short period of time.
  • Systematic or programmatic downloading.
  • Usage for other than educational and research purposes (commercial use is strictly prohibited).
  • Reproduction or redistributing of full text files.
  • Changing content, format or media of the resource without the written permission of each of the copyright holders.
  • Transmitting information to a third party.

Main E-Journal list

Resources Publishers Category Description Support/Access
Elsevier General Almost all the journals published by Elsevier can be viewed. Guide
from the first issue
SpringerNature General Almost all the journals published by Springer (formerly Kluwer) can be viewed. Guide
Wiley Online Library
Wiley-Blackwell Science and Technology STM (Science, Technology and Medicine)
collection of the Wiley-Blackwell can be viewed .
SpringerNature Natural sciences Nature and 5 magazines can be viewed namely Nature biotechnology, Nature genetics, Nature materials, Nature neuroscience reviews, Nature structural & molecular biology.
※Each magazine has it’s own limitations. Refer to:Nature HP
ACS Web Editions
American Chemical Society(ACS) Chemistry 49 journals of American Chemical Society (ACS) can be viewed. VPN
AIP Publishing
American Institute of Physics(AIP) Physics Following 4 journals published by American Institute of Physics can be viewed.
Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics (Tobata/Iizuka/Wakamatsu campus)
Journal of Chemical Physics, Physics of Fluids (Tobata/Wakamatsu campus)
Following 2 journals can be viewed partially. Journal of Mathematical Physics (2002-2003), Review of Scientific Instruments (2002-2004) (Tobata/Iizuka/Wakamatsu campus)
from the first issue
American Physical Society(APS) Physics In the website of American Physical Society (APS), from A to E letters, magazines can be viewed.
PROLA(Physical Review on Line Archive) can also be viewed.
IOP science extra
Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP) Physics Online journals of Britain's Institute of Physics (IOP) and 76 journals of partners can be viewed. shibboleth
National Academy of Sciences Science and Technology The official scientific journal of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). With broad coverage, spanning the biological, physical, and social sciences, the journal publishes original research of exceptional importance. VPN
Science online
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Natural sciences The peer-reviewed academic journal and one of the world's top academic journals, specializing in science and technology. All the journals published every week on Science, including tables, full-texts and news articles, can be viewed. VPN

American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Mechanical Engineering 26 journal backfiles of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) can be viewed. VPN
(only Tobata and Iizuka campus)
Journals: from the first issue - 2015
Computer Engineering 30 magazines and 4,100 conference proceedings up to 2015 can be viewed on IEEE Computer Society. ※Please ask the library staff as the materials are available in CD-ROM shibboleth
Institution of Mechanical Engineers(IMechE)
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Mechanical Engineering 16 magazines of IMechE can be viewed. Due to the cancellation of the contract in 2014, the magazines from 1997 to 2014 can only be viewed VPN
Academic OneFile Cengage Learning (Gale) General Articles and papers published in tens of thousands of journals that cover natural and social sciences, humanities and many other fields can be searched and viewed using this database. Newspapers such as Times and The Washington Post, reports, dictionaries and videos also can be viewed.
・Nature and other specialized journals can be viewed after 1-year from the publication data.
・Newspapers can be viewed after 30 days from the publication date.
・In some cases, only abstracts or bibliographic information are available.


General OneFile Cengage Learning (Gale) General This is a one-stop source for news, magazines, and periodical articles across a wide range of general topics and academic disciplines. Millions of articles in both PDF and HTML full-text version can be viewed. Guide
Nikkei BP Articles Search Service. (Japanese)
General 40 magazines/articles of Nikkei BP journal. Due to limitation of access (12,000 times for the university), please browse only necessary articles VPN
CiNii Articles General Domestic papers of NII-ELS journals can be viewed. Guide
J-STAGE Science and Technology Two magazines of Chemical Engineering Society and other domestic academic journals can be viewed.
Guide linked to support pages.
shibboleth You can access databases outside Kyutech with Shibboleth. See "here" for details.
VPN You can access databases outside Kyutech with the VPN(Virtual Private Network)service. See "here" for details.

linked to support pages.
You can access databases outside Kyutech with Shibboleth. See "here" for details.
You can access databases outside Kyutech with the VPN(Virtual Private Network)service. See "here" for details.

SFX is a link resolver in delivering the full text of the article from a specific citation found in a database.