Microsoft Campus Agreement[Iizuka]

You may install the following software under the terms of The Microsoft Campus Agreement.
First, second and third year undergraduates should borrow installation media from the library. Fourth-year undergraduates and graduate students should contact their academic advisor or the respective department office.

【Licensed Software】

  • Windows 8.1 Pro / Enterprise upgrade version
  • Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise / Education upgrade version
  • Visual Studio 2013/2015/20172019


  • Please show your ID card
  • You can install software only one computer.
  • Technical support for installation is not available.
  • Please install it in the library.
  • When it is time to close the library, please stop the installation.
  • When you install it, you will need to be connected to Kyutech's Wi-Fi.
  • You shall comply matters listed in the application form.