Request for Photocopy/Loan of Books/Materials

Application to Photocopy or Borrow books from other libraries can be done from "My Library" page.

Application to Photocopy books in other Kyutech’s campuses libraries can also be done from "My Library" page.
Teachers and Students who wish to fill the application can download the application(→Tobata/Wakamatsu Campus Application)(→Iizuka Campus Application). Please fill and submit at the library reception.

  Login→Click Here

  Instructions for Login, Please download this manual

For borrowing books from other campus libraries, please fill the「Inter Campus Book Loan Application」and submit at the library reception.

Points to be noticed when applying/subscribing these services.

  • Expiration date for utilizing the books/materials is usually the end of the academic year. For extension, new application form will be sent to the subscriber.
  • Upon accepting the request, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address.
    If there is no confirmation e-mail, please contact the library staff at your campus library.
  • If the students want to use the faculty/laboratory allowance for borrowing/photocopying any materials, please take prior permission from your professor and also please carbon copy (CC) the request e-mail to your professor.
  • For any queries, Please contact your campus library
      Tobata/Wakamatsu campus:
      Iizuka campus:
    (*PS: Please verify your email, if there was any contact from the library staff regarding the request)

Status verification of "Request for Photocopy/Loan of Books and Materials"

From "My Library" page, you can verify the status of "Request for Photocopy/Loan of Books/Materials".
After logging in "My Library" page, go to the "Materials under request" and click the "View Details" button and verify.
Please note that the details will not appear if the books/materials have been arrived for more than one week and not collected.

To login into "My Library" page

Login using the Kyutech's ID.

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※Explanation regarding the Kyutech's ID is decribed here.